Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Walking through the Jungle with the Acorns

This week the Acorn Preschool children have been exploring jungle animals through the story book ‘Walking through the Jungle.’ They have loved listening to the sounds that different animals make and guessing what animal it is. Repeatedly reading a book like this is very good for helping your child to secure their understanding of the names of different types of animals. Over the next few weeks we are looking to increase the children’s vocabulary so that they are able to name many more animals accurately, and also begin to identify where they belong (jungle, ocean, farm, arctic).  Next week, we will be going on our very own jungle walk!

 We love building tall towers with the wooden blocks – this one was bigger than Mrs Woodall!


Every Tuesday and Thursday the Acorn children explore movement through a PE session with Mr Mason, our PE teacher. The children are currently focusing on going over, under, through and around obstacles whilst exploring different ways of moving. This develops control of their large body movements and builds on their balance. These are both important for supporting your child as they prepare to become writers. Encourage your child to walk along lines, walls, and obstacle courses to develop their balance skills. This will have a great impact on later academic skills. Not only do the children develop the large movements, but they are loving writing too! Lots of them are trying really hard to form the first letter of their name, lines and circles.

Outside the children have been exploring the movements of large cable reels – they are so much fun when they are pushed, to see them roll away and anticipate where they will end up. Some children have even used them to roll and balance on. Cause and effect play is a really good way for children to explore early scientific concepts. Encourage your child to push different cars down a cardboard ramp on the stairs to see which travels the fastest! This is a great rainy-day type of game to play.


We also explored the big playground equipment once more – loving the tree house in particular.


Stars of the day this week were Martin, Addison, Leon and Faith – well done to you all.