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Watch out Delilah, there’s a crocodile…!

This week the Acorn Preschool children have been altering the details of the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ to invent their own version about ‘Delilah’ the cat who takes a walk around the farm yard, only to be followed by a hungry crocodile.

To start with, the children explored what they understood about ‘characters’ in stories. They thought carefully about whether a character was good or bad, then came up with some other suggestions for other animals which could be each type of character. After a class vote, we decided to use a ‘good’ cat and a ‘bad’ crocodile.

As we have been learning an adapted version of Rosie’s Walk for over a week now, the children were very secure in reading the new story from the story map. with the adapted characters. The ‘Talk for Writing’ story actions also helped them with their story telling. Some children took this learning a step further by making their own versions of a story map for Rosie’s walk – with some really pleasing results!

Ask your child to retell the story of Rosie’s Walk and see if they can use the story language developed. Perhaps they might even draw a story map or alter the good and bad characters in the story!


Every Tuesday the Acorn children explore movement through a PE session with Matt from ‘Bee Active’. Through this session they also work on developing their listening and attention skills, understanding and behaviour to be able to follow instructions and expectations. The children are currently focusing on different ways in which they can move their bodies. They are even able to move like ‘spiders’ (hands and feet on floor, bottom up, face down) and ‘scorpions’ (hands and feet on floor, tummy and face up)– ask your child to show you and see if they have listened well and can remember the actions! Balance is also being explored – this can really support children with many aspects of their physical development. Through walking slowly along a rope, the children have to show control over their actions. Encourage your child to walk along lines, walls, and obstacle courses to develop their balance skills further.


One of our learning objectives at the moment is to be able to recognise our name and the children have been looking closely all around their classroom environment to see examples of their names. Many children are able to say what sound their name begins with, and some are beginning to record the letter shapes of their name in print. Whichever stage your child is at, please can you support them by giving them examples of their name written all around them at home. Count the number of letters, look at the shapes of the letters (round, tall, with tails etc) and encourage them to trace over the letter shapes with their finger. If they are ready, ask them to copy the letters too – great for writing the Christmas cards!

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Another area in which the children have been developing their skills is the block play. Many children are being encouraged to problem solve, explore shapes and balance through building upwards and along. Team work is also supported through block play, along with restraint – as you can imagine the temptation to knock down someone else’s tower can be very strong at age 3 and 4!



Stars of the day this week were Kaiden, Enes, Lissy, Molly and Mia – well done to you all.


After all the money was received for the Sponsored Toddle, it has now been counted  and we are so pleased to be able to announce that you have managed to raise £580!! This is a staggering amount and we are SO grateful to all families for supporting with this. We will now get on to planning how to spend the money for the benefit of the children in Acorn and Juniper class.