Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

The children have been exploring water, pouring, emptying, filling containers and playing with bubbles. We have explored different coloured water paintings outside.

Our dolls have been washed, scrubbed and had their hair washed numerous times. Bathing, drying, changing and potty training our babies has been fun. The children have set up tubes and pipes for the water to run down.

We have been watering our sunflowers and watching them grow. They have grown so tall we have now replanted them into larger pots. We have looked at their roots and talked about how they grow. The children love watering them using our watering cans.

On Friday we had great fun squirting the black board and Miss Latham with water shooters.  The children laughed so much.

Our book of the week was ‘Splosh’. This book is a counting book about ducks going swimming into a pool and the fun they have on the way. The children have been counting from 1-10.

We have introduced a ‘Star of the day’ certificate  to be awarded to one of the children who has shown good listening, being kind to their friends or any other positive behaviours which should be recognised. This certificate is given to the child at the end of carpet time, they are encouraged to stand up, given their certificate and praised by all of the teachers and friends. This is lovely to see the children being proud of themselves.

Please remember to put sun cream on your child, its hot outside and the children are enjoying playing inside and out. Thank you all for your continued support we really do appreciate it.