Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

We are Authors!

Junipers have had lots of fun thinking like an author this week. Each child created an independent story plan using their imagination, vocabulary we have been focussing on and structures of traditional tales.

Junipers have had a lot of fun being creative, imaginative and independent writers. Everyone in Juniper class have been looking at themselves as Authors, with some children using the reading garden to look at different stories, structures, images and text.

It has been so lovely to see every child take on the role of an author and become extremely excited about their first independent story.


Junipers have been learning about doubling and halving in Maths this week. They have been practising and developing their knowledge using butterflies. Some children created their own patterns, thinking about and using vocabulary such as full, half and double. Some children also used the technique of painting half of a butterfly, folding it in half and creating a double to mirror the other half.


We have also had a new member join us in Juniper class with all of the children being very happy about this. Mr Lavin will now be working with us in Juniper class. He has had a lovely first week with all of the children in Juniper class building positive relationships and supporting learning opportunities.