Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

This week the Acorn Preschool children have been learning about farm animals and their babies, in preparation for our trip to the farm on Wednesday. Our song of the week was ‘Old Macdonald’. Our book of the week ‘I Love Animals’ by Flora McDonnell – helped us with learning the new words for baby farm animals – including lamb, kid, kitten, puppy, calf and foal. We have also loved exploring the sounds the animals make! Children love making donkey sounds and making the gobble sound of the turkey!

The rain this week gave us the opportunity to play outside with the umbrellas.  We tried a ‘sun dance’ but it didn’t work!

On Wednesday, our trip to the Rosie’s farm allowed us to see the animals up close. The children loved learning how a farmer helps the sheep to have lambs. They had a go at delivering ‘Iris’ the lamb, stroked the lambs and also weighed some 8 hour old lambs.  After this, we had chance to meet the pigs, chickens and a horse.


The children explored lots of play around farm animals – including farm animal jigsaws, cutting and sticking farm animals, drawing and painting animals and also making dirty piggy artwork.


On Friday, the Nursery took on a life of its own – with a wedding. Following the children’s interest, we saw children writing invitations, getting costumes to be worn, making the wedding cake and then with the help of some processional music, we held our own wedding ceremony followed by a disco and party food. It was great fun, and was enjoyed by all who attended!

Stars of the day this week were Millie, Lyla and Alfie – well done to you all.