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Weighing and measuring in Maple

Another great week for Maple class! Lots of things going on, including sports competitions, swimming, play dough and weighing classroom items.

In maths this week we have been weighing items in grams and kilograms and comparing the weight of different items. We have also been estimating if something will be heavier than another item and what its mass might be.

We then moved on to capacity and have been investigating the capacity of different pots, cups, jugs and other things then today we have moved this on to look at the volume of each of these items and how we can read the scales on jugs and measuring cylinders.

In topic we have looked at the countries that make up the British Isles and the capital cities of those countries. We use the atlas to check we had it correct and add ore information to our play dough maps.

On Thursday, Eliza, Ellie, Madison, Kai and Jamie represented our class and school at the KS1 cross-country. It was a bit drizzly but they had a fantastic time and represented our school with pride.

Finally, in English we have been writing letters from Jack to his mum about his adventures up the Baked Beanstalk and have started to look at how we can persuade others through our writing and next week we will be writing a letter to a friend to persuade them to visit the Baked Beanstalk Café.

Have a great bank holiday weekend!
Miss Dunmore and Mrs Jones

Learner – Talisha

Star – Jack