Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Welcome back, Maple!

This week Maple class have learnt about healthy eating through our vegetable rap text. We re-told the rap to some funky music and the children loved retelling it. They changed the rap by adding interesting adjectives and verbs and on Friday they performed it in front of the class. What a great start to the term!


Maple class have all been working super hard in maths. We solved addition and subtraction problems using empty number lines and next week we are moving onto money. Maybe they could help you with shopping at home to get used to recognising the different coins?

To start off our Amazing Me topic Maple class enjoyed collecting data on what their most ticklish body part was and we transferred this data into a pictogram. Next week we will be looking at E-safety and using the vegetable rap from this week to create some body percussion sounds.

The children particularly enjoyed PE this week as they were given the opportunity to create their own game with a focus on throwing balls and beanbags through hoops!


Fab week Maple, keep it up!