Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Maple class have had a fun ‘diversity’ themed this week. They had a fabulous time exploring Samba dance and music with the Sambabamba man where we learnt a song and dance and some children even joined in the whole school performance!

In the afternoons Maple class compared two different artists – Claude Monet and David Ndambuki and produced some fantastic artwork with pastels and watercolours – thinking carefully about warm and cool colours and quick brushstrokes.

In English we completed a week of senses poetry, thinking about interesting adjectives and adverbs to describe bugs for our bugs topic. They worked incredibly hard and our word knowledge is growing fast!

In Maths we had been estimating and measuring in centimetres using a ruler and have enjoyed finding things around the classroom to measure, including our bookshelf, some of us practised using a metre stick!

Next week Maple class will be starting our new three-week unit on story writing…I wonder what we will be writing about…