Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Welcome back Sycamore!

What a busy first week back in Sycamore class, all rounded off nicely with a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. We had a brilliant day out looking and learning about all different sorts of transport. We learnt about the first aeroplane and the forces involved with keeping things in the air. We learnt how Manchester was the first place to offer transport to people, on a train in 1830 and how Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’ was the train to do that.

In English, we have started our portal story writing. We are getting to know our model text really well and will start to innovate it towards the middle of next week. In Maths, we are looking at decimals and how you get tenths and hundredths through division.

IMG_2825 IMG_2820