Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Wow! What an amazing first week back in Juniper class! All of the children have had a lovely week, investigating emotions and vocabulary surrounding our new story ‘Little Red’. The children were able to walk around the classroom to music that made them feel as though they were in a dark forest, just like Little Red. The children have had a lot of fun with the story and all of the activities that have linked to the book. All of the children have especially enjoyed playing in the new role play area ‘Grandma’s cottage’. This is an area of the classroom that the children have been encouraged to use their imagination when stepping into the magical fairytale cottage.

Every child in Juniper class has challenged themselves all week with their writing, they have came back to school with a great positive attitude to their own learning and experiences. They have been practising their CVC words, segmenting and blending the sounds they can hear in the words and sentences they have been using.

We attended our first celebration assembly on Friday and were very proud of the all the children for their fantastic sitting, listening and the certificates that were given out.

A very exciting experience we had this week was making a jam sandwich! The children were encouraged to make their own instructions so they could use these instructions to make their own jam sandwich independently the next day. They all loved this activity and it was a great experience for children to develop their sentence structures, instruction writing, experiences of food and independence.

What a fantastic week we have had. Myself and Mrs Turner are extremely proud of how well the children have started this term and the progress they are making. Well done Junipers!