Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Welcome to Oak Class

What a fantastic first week back. Year 6 have started the year with a positive attitude and they have already demonstrated that they have the potential to be a fabulous.

The week has whizzed by. It has been a week of getting to know each other, we have written poems about ourselves, favourite place and character. We have measured each other and calculated what an average sized Year 6 would look like. Using our i-pads we have started to research Ancient Egypt and create our electronic ‘Magpie’ books.¬†It has been fantastic getting to grips with the new technology in our classroom. Being able to mirror our work so that everyone can see how we are learning has been a revelation. Next week the Year 6 team will be taking part in their first sporting¬†competition of the year.

Book of the week – Brooke

Star of the week – Kyle