Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Welcome to the Stone Age


As we have just begun our Stone Age to Iron age topic, the children had a visitor in Willow Class for the whole day. They learnt about daily life as a Stone Age person from the Early Stone Age (Paeleolithic), the Middle Stone Age (Mesolithic) to the New Stone Age (Neolithic.) Willow Class were able to touch some real-life artefacts, such as a Wooly mammoth’s tooth! They were amazed at how large it was!

We also played some fun games. We competed in teams to ‘hunt’ Stone Age animals – throwing javelin’s at wooden cut outs for points. They enjoyed this very much and learnt all about a Stone Age diet. When in the classroom we completed some quizes to learn about Stone Age animals, investigating animal footprints.

We finished the day by looking at Stone Age tools and touched upon the end of the Stone Age, where new discoveries in metal were made.

Hopefully, the children will remember much of what they have learnt and apply it to many more things we learn as we move through the term!