Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Were going on a bug hunt !

Little acorns have been exploring insects and bugs this week. From spaghetti worms to real slimy wiggly worms found in the school garden. We have been digging in the soil and lifting logs and stones to look underneath.

The children have loved using their large motor skills whilst running, jumping and climbing whilst playing in the large school play area. They have shown fabulous listening skills and following instructions to safely get to the school field.

We have explored insects in ice, crushing, breaking and melting the ice with warm water in pipettes.

We have looked at a variety of books including  insects throughout the week.

Hopefully the warm sunny weather will continue, if so please ensure that your children wears comfortable clothes for school. Please put sun cream on your children in the morning and ensure that they have a named hat to wear whilst outside. Also remembering their drink bottle.

Have a lovely half term.