Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ


This week the Little Acorns have been investigating lots of different kinds of bugs and Insects.

The children used magnifying glasses information sheets to spy out and identify the creepy-crawlies that were hiding in our classroom bug den, bit we quickly realised they weren’t just in bug den and were finding bugs and insects all over the setting including in the quiet area, water tray and outdoors space too!

We had a go at counting the bugs, painting them, washing them, colouring them, even decorating them with lots of glue lovely materials – the play and learning opportunities were endless so we are set to continue enjoying having our tiny friends around the classroom a little while longer to see what else we can discover about them.

Our book of the week was a short rhyming story called ‘5 little bugs’ and our rhyme of the week was Incy Wincy Spider – I’ve no doubt grown ups at home will have heard this being sung at some point by their Little Acorn because we all put so much effort into learning the song and it’s actions throughout the week.

As well as bugs and insects our Little Acorns also demonstrated some excellent balance and coordination while outdoors on the big blocks and got those large muscles working while practicing riding the bikes and carrying out some target practice with the velcro balls.

The children have also been working hard to decorate their sharing boxes. You will have received your child’s box at some point this week, please take the time to read though the information letter enclosed in the box and have a go at adding some items for your child to share with us next week. We’d absolutely love to find out more about what our Little Acorns and their families get up to at the weekend and this give us the perfect opportunity!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week already –

Mrs Ogden