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Where’s Spot? Acorns have fun with positional language

This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children have been exploring describing position through the wonderful story book – ‘Where’s Spot?’ This simple book  develops the children’s understanding of positional language – including behind, in, inside and under through the loveable character Spot the dog hiding from his mum. The children have been playing hide and seek with Spot the dog and finding him in different places. We have also looked closely at the stage of block play that each child is at, whilst placing Spot, or other characters in different positions.

The children are continuing to focus on recognizing their names and identifying what the first sound is in their name. We have sent home some name cards this week and also each child has their own individual sound to put up somewhere at home. Wherever possible, draw your child’s attention to the sound and word, which is linked to the picture, provided. Encouraging your child to think of other words that start with the same sound can also help them to tune in to initial sounds. In school, we also introduce the child to the Jolly Phonic action for the sounds (these can be found online/Youtube). This then gives the children a sound, image and action to do when learning each letter sound. We find that this helps them best learn and remember the letter sounds. This week we have introduced the letter ‘m’ which involves the action of rubbing your tummy with your hand (like you are looking at yummy chocolate cake!)


‘Oh no – It’s the Gruffalo’ – The children have shown interest in listening to this story, and so to build on this interest they have explored a giant Gruffalo jigsaw, Gruffalo colouring and played with Gruffalo and mouse toys.


Song of the week is ‘Tommy Thumb’ – this has been great for supporting the children with separating each finger and gaining greater control individually.

Another focus the children have explored this week is the concept of number 1 – we have looked closely for lots of things that we can find 1 of, and collected them into the ‘1 box’. It is important for children to build a knowledge of how 1 can be represented in a wide variety of ways – 1 on a dice, one finger, £1 coin, 1 cube and number 1 Numberblock etc. We have also focused on how to write number 1 using the rhyme “You start at the top and you go right down.” See if your child can write number 1 at home. Once they have secured the concept of 1, the children are starting to recognise that 1 more than 1 is 2. We will continue with this focus next week.


Sponsored Toddle – Thank you to all the families who managed to support us. If you can now please collect your sponsorship money and return it to school, we will be soon able to give you the grand total of funds raised by Little Acorn, Acorn and Juniper children.


Stars of the day this week were Dominic, Imogen, Alexander & Rafeef  – well done to you all.