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Where’s Spot? The Acorns look for Spot

This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children have been exploring positional language through the wonderful story book – ‘Where’s Spot?’ This simple book  develops the children’s understanding of words such as behind, in, inside and under through the loveable character Spot the dog hiding from his mum. We have played some fun games with different nursery rhyme characters, hiding them on, behind or under us. 

The children have also been surprising us with their building skills – stacking bricks on top, and making some wonderful creations – which many of the children enjoy then knocking down!! 

Song of the week was ‘Tommy Thumb’ – this has been great for supporting the children with separating each finger and gaining greater control over their thumb and pointy finger. Check with your child if they had hold up their thumb when asked – many were unable to at the start of the week. The children loved singing this song, so please continue to sing this song with them at home. Knowing over 5 nursery rhymes off by heart by the age of 3 is a great indicator of educational success as they progress through school. If your child is not yet up to this many, sing as much as you can with them, so that they become more confident. 

As this week has been Reading Week across the school, we have encouraged the children to explore print through the Spot books. All the children love to look at the colourful pictures and see the story develop. 

Stars of the day this week were James, Annabella, Layton, Ciaran and Esme  – well done to you all.