Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Where’s the Gingerbread men?

This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children have been exploring positional language through the wonderful story book – ‘Where’s Spot?’ This simple book  develops the children’s understanding of words such as behind, in, inside and under through the loveable character Spot the dog hiding from his mum. We have played some fun games with different nursery rhyme characters, hiding them on, behind or under us.  (Click on this book cover and it will take you to a Youtube clip of the story which your child can enjoy over and over again.)


The children are being supported with identifying the initial letter of their name, and so this week, some children demonstrated that they can copy their initial letter. For those children who were not yet ready, we enjoyed making lines (vertical and horizontal) and circles to draw different patterns. Whatever stage your child is at with mark making – the best thing you can do is encourage it. This builds up their hand and arm strength and their interest in writing.   We will send home some name cards next week to put up at home to get them familiar with their name. Wherever possible, draw your child’s attention to the word and remind them that it is their name. This helps them to begin to understand about early reading – print has a meaning. 

Following on from our story of the week a couple of weeks ago, ‘The Gingerbread Man,’ this week we rolled, cut out and baked our own gingerbread men. Unfortunately they ran away when Mrs Alford opened the oven door, but after a quick search around the school, the Acorns found them and gobbled them up! 

As part of our focus on what the ‘nose’ is used for, the children explored a variety of smells and decided if they were smells that they liked, or did not like. Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate were keen favourites with many; garlic, curry and lavender seemed to split the children, and no one liked the fish sauce!

The children have enjoyed lots of outdoor play – including blowing and catching bubbles, talking on the phone, riding on scooters and trikes, painting with water, making dinner in the mud kitchen, waiting to catch the bus with their babies so they can take them to the doctors and and waving ribbons in the wind to music. We have a very busy time in Acorns!


Song of the week is ‘Tommy Thumb’ – this has been great for supporting the children with separating each finger and gaining greater control individually. The children loved singing this song, so please continue to sing this song with them at home. Knowing over 5 nursery rhymes off by heart by the age of 3 is a great indicator of educational success as they progress through school. If your child is not yet up to this many, sing as much as you can with them, so that they become more confident. 

Stars of the day this week were Martin, Libby and Ezra  – well done to you all.