Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Willow’s Viking Trip to York!

On Thursday Willow class departed on their first residential trip! Although some children were nervous, they soon forgot their nerves and were wowed by the historical city of York. As Willow class entered the Jorvik museum they were surprised to find themselves on a special ride through a Viking village! The moving educational car took us past the stinky longhouses and Vikings going along with their daily business – making wares, playing boardgames and selling fruit and vegetables. Quite a few children were fooled and thought the Viking people were real (They were actually very well designed robots!). It was a valuable experience they could get now where else, truly immersive!

After their visit around Jorvik, we headed to DIG museum where the children felt what it was like to be archaeologists! They dug for not just Viking ruins, but Roman ruins, too. We look at the types of Viking artefacts archaeologists have found and what information they gave us for the Viking period. We will continue this theme at school, thinking about how artefacts give us valuable information about life in the past.


In the evening Year 3 and 4 came together at the YHA classroom and we played circle games after a filling dinner. They then had some time to play in their rooms. We all awoke in the morning for a filling full English breakfast and continued our learning with a boardgame and other Viking activities. I would also like to say Willow Class behaved very well on the trip and although our journey was a long one over two hours they coped well with it. Well done Willow!